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Francine Chambers BSc (hons), ITEC Dip, CBP, EFTi


From a very young age people have been my thing. As a tiny person I had the awareness of the essence of people or “the glow” as I called it. I did my first massage course aged 18, curious to explore the physical body in more depth and then went on to gain a 1st class honours BSc degree in Psychology, in an attempt to understand the mind.

What makes us tick? What holds us back and what propels us forward? It’s been my joy and my mission to explore and deeply understand these questions during almost 20 years of working, playing and collaborating with clients around a wide range of physical and emotional conditions,  

From 2000, when I first qualified in Massage, Anatomy and Physiology, through professional training in Reflexology, Kundalini Yoga, BodyTalk and Reiki, my practice is now centred around EFT, or Emotional Freedom Techniques.  I was first  introduced to EFT, 25 years ago and in the last 6 years, my practice has increasingly centred around this deeply empowering system. I am delighted to share EFT with clients as a therapeutic tool in sessions, and as a take home tool to relieve stress, anxiety, anger, grief, as well as physical discomfort and conditions.. To use on themselves, their children, parents, students, partners and whoever else they choose to share it with.

I use EFT for my own self empowerment and for my children as a way of developing emotional intelligence, building resilience and learning to channel our powerful emotions more positively.  Along with my meditation practice, and continued research and professional development I explore my inner and outer world, growing, changing and consciously evolving.  My personal growth and development continues to remain part of my daily experience,  and I continue to be be excited and inspired by the people and groups I am blessed to work with. All of my professional training and experience has led me to the  simple, powerful and potentially life-changing tool of EFT. 

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