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tapping into your highest potential



Are you experiencing emotions that you want relief from such as anxiety, depression, overwhelm, anger or grief? There may be a physical complaint, such as headaches or digestive issues or back pain. Perhaps you have intrusive thoughts or memories from past traumas that you feel unable to let go of. Or it may be that you have the uneasy feeling that you are not fulfilling your potential, and that there must be more to life.


We are more powerful than we can possibly know.

We are not victims of the circumstances of our lives and relationships.  We are vibrational beings who are constantly broadcasting a signal via thoughts and feelings, not just a physical body, existing on a physical plane, separate from other physical bodies

How we perceive the world, whether through the lens of peace and gratitude or fear and fury, directly affects, not only how we experience the world but what is attracted into your experience.

Awareness is the first step to lasting transformation. Becoming familiar with what we've got going on in our bodies, our minds and with our emotions. Much of the time we are just running old unconscious programmes, again and again and again. The electrical and chemical pathways have been going down the same tracks for years, forming deep habits of being, sometimes to the point of being addicted to certain thought patterns and emotions.

New research into the neuroplasticity of the brain prove that It is possible to rewire the brain and establish new neural networks. It is possible to reprogram ourselves and truly change the way we act, think and feel, seeing those inner changes reflected in the outer world. EFT is a research based modality which is proven to assist with breaking down these old patterns, allowing us to see the world through new eyes and begin an upward spiral of inspired action.

Join me on a journey of self awareness and self empowerment.

Learn to access the intelligence of your heart and your gut/ instincts and bringing those aspects of yourself into alignment with your clever mind.


Are you ready? If not now, when?

Meditation by the sea
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