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Working with Francine is totally incredible. She holds such a loving and safe space which allows me to delve into my deepest place and start releasing the pain it’s held for many years. Francine knows just when to be respectful or when to push a bit harder to ensure each session is enlightening. In truth. she’s the best therapist I’ve worked with. Ever. Thank you for your loving sessions. 

Emma, Holistic Therapist. 

I had horrible postnatal anxiety for nine months after the birth of my second baby. It was very painful and was like a scary dark secret. Immediately after one session of EFT with Francine the anxiety was 90% better. I couldn't believe how effective EFT was and so simple. Francine is a wonderful  therapist. You can tell her your deepest, darkest, most shameful secrets and her compassionate and non-judgemental persona helps to create a space in which you can heal.

Marie, Midwife.

Francine is a truly skilled and brilliant EFT Practitioner. I feel so safe and trusting when I work with her, it was such a delight and relief to find a practitioner who I feel so held by. Her ability to really get to the heart of the matter is not something many can do with such skill and passion. I would recommend her to anyone who really would like to experience some profound shifts in their life.


Whether it's deep rooted emotional difficulties, or physical pain or illness which need support, Francine can very quickly and skilfully help you to find a new perspective, releasing old unhelpful thought patterns and really free you from those difficult places it's so hard to do on your own. 

Hannah, Shiatsu Practitioner

I’ve  experienced more emotional and spiritual healing over  8 months of weekly sessions of EFT with Francine than I did in my entire 15 years of weekly conventional  therapy. Francine is very knowledgable and works intuitively, with empathy and without judgement. Working with her, has given me the tools to reconnect with myself ,to heal the effects of childhood trauma and to use EFT as a way of confidently managing my emotions when times get rough. I feel totally empowered and am secure in the knowledge that I have been given the tools to stay this way. I am eternally grateful.

Carmen, Bookeeper

Francine is like a secret weapon!  Can't recommend her enough.  My sessions with her have been profoundly healing and transformative at the deepest level.  The work you do is intense, but has positive repercussions into your whole life.  We've weakened the hold of so many deep seated negative beliefs which had been guiding me without my even being conscious of it.  

I've recommended her to so many friends and everyone who has seen her has felt profoundly helped as well (e.g she cured my partner's OCD in one session!) And all this with an amazing dose of humour and light heartedness.  She is truly a gold hearted badass warrior, fighting for happiness and freedom for all!!!

Ali, Company Director

Life is a continuous journey of discovery and often stagnation, and I have looked in many areas of self help, physiotherapy, CBT, counselling of multiple descriptions to find a path through.  Meeting Francine was a real break through for me. Many past efforts have been right for the need but Francine feels like a new route that has unlocked and given me control rather than question. Without doubt Francine is one of the most warm, intelligent and insightful people I have ever met - with energy that is so generous it transports you. There is always a push and a question but done with the kindness that you would like everyone to treat people with. Francine’s practice was new to me - but what a revelation. Magical!!

Jade, TV Producer

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