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tapping into your highest potential



Our work together is a collaboration. You have all the answers and all the solutions to all your current restrictions and limitations.  It is my joy to facilitate access to this information, as we work together to reduce stress and overwhelm.  Together we will gently uncover and release limiting beliefs and negative pattens of thinking and feelings, about yourself and the world.  This allows you to see yourself and the world from a completely new perspective, gaining clarity about who you are, what you want, and how to get there.


EFT is a set of techniques that works with the body's energy meridian points.  By using a gentle acupressure in the form of tapping,  we can release the "charge" or disruption that has built up in the energy system, and leads to physical, mental or emotional disharmony and disease.  

We spend much of our time feeling fearful and focussing on what we don't want, rather than on what we do want.  Our own imaginations can keep us locked in a place of fear as we constantly imagine worst case scenarios, arguments that we’ve had or think we might have, fearful situations where we wont be able to cope. These negative emotions keep us in a state of physiological stress as our bodies prepare to fight, flee or freeze in the face of imagined dangers.

Or we could be dealing with low mood, feeling uninspired, helpless, powerless and unable to see a way out.  It can take a huge amount of energy to stay in a place of denial and hiding. Sometimes we hide by being endlessly busy, or engaging in habits that no longer serve us, for example negative self talk. 

In facing up to who we really are, learning to recognise emotional and mental patterns and courageously moving through our blocks to freedom, the newly liberated energy can be used to create a more authentic and happier life.

I am not promising you a life free from ups and downs, where everything is rosy and perfect and meets your expectations.  I'm not sure that is available on Planet Earth at this time!  However we can learn how to ride the wave, to build resilience in our nervous systems and in our minds, so when difficulties arrive we are not anguished for long, or stuck in a place of trauma.  We are able to pick ourselves up and go on.

Our journey may at times take us into dark places and spaces, but we will find the light switch together, and often laugh loudly at the retreating shadows we thought were monsters.  This is a fun and creative journey as well as being gentle and relaxing.  

With EFT,  breath,  your innate intelligence and quite a lot of laughter we can clear your path and find a way to YOU.  Not a "better" you, not a "new improved" you. Just a remembering of the simple, truthful, authentic you that has been there all along. 

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