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During an EFT session we use focussed conversation to gently explore whatever

your presenting issue is, be that physical, cognitive or emotional.  At the same time we gently tap on certain acupressure points around the head and body.

By gently stimulating the meridian system, whilst maintaining a focus on the problem, we are able to target, soothe and "unravel" the blocks within the energy system that are contributing to, and maintaining the disturbance.  

The system is simple, evidence based, and can be learned in minutes; but the scope of it is huge!  As an experienced bodyworker of 20 years, my preference is to locate the issue within the body and work there.  The emotions, while they activate thoughts are not actually thoughts, they are feelings.  It is here we will often find the truth of an issue very quickly, and be able to find and work with the root causes in the form of an old memory or limiting belief system.

Using this simple but elegant tool, we start to release attachments, both energetic and neurological to old ways of thinking, feeling and behaving.  Although it is a profound journey, it is also often enjoyable, relaxing, informative and creative.

How long does it take? I work with clients in different ways depending on their needs and desires.  For some it's a 4 -6 week project on a particular issue, such as public speaking or exam fears, for others it's a longer more intense piece of work over months or years, moving onto a quarterly check in. For others still, it's a one off session with the occasional supportive follow up.  It's really up to you.

EFT is your tool, it's your journey, and  I am delighted to facilitate and accompany you in the next chapter of your Life.


£80 per hour

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